About us

Talì opens the doors of an unexpected Italy. We curate one-of-a-kind experiences which unlock the extra-ordinary face of the country, multi-faceted itineraries among the classical and contemporary arts, the design, lifestyle and culinary world.

Talì was founded in January 2019 by Corinna Turati and Clio Morichini. They joined forces thanks to their complementary backgrounds in contemporary art and experiential tourism to create a brand which honours, through very special activities, Italy's extraordinary diversity.


We are the sum of our experiences

Every visit organized by Talì is complemented by an inspiring and engaging narration: whether it's a theme-based itinerary to discover the 20th century avant-garde futurist movement, a dinner on a privately-owned medieval tower overlooking the Roman Forum, the visit of a design apartment which boasts a prestigious contemporary art collection or a private concert inside a frescoed 16th century oratory.

Our activities are centered around Italy's classical as well as contemporary heritage and are faithful to our culture's highest expression. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts scattered throughout the Boot, we curate eclectic experiences from North to South, tied to a common thread deep-rooted in the country's artistic and historical heritage, providing meaningful and engaging encounters.

We operate behind the scenes for the hôtellerie sector, members clubs, companies and luxury travel professionals who rely on us to weave emotions and memories for their discerning clients.


Talì is partner of Strategic Advice, Italian key player in the field of Public Affairs. We build ad hoc solutions, ideas and paths that bring art and culture into the dialogue that companies have with the political and institutional environment, by creating emotions and associating images and stories with selected targets.